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她的作品收藏於MUDAC博物館,曾於米蘭設計週、米蘭圖象展(Milan Image Faire)、蘇黎世和日內瓦FLUX實驗室、聖艾蒂安法國設計雙年展、深圳設計學會維多利亞和阿爾伯特館等多地展出。


Title for Group H: Design the next nature

Short description for Group H:

Learn from nature and redesign the “nature”.

Current technology development is based on the knowledge we explored, some of them are even overpassed sci-fi had described. But most of the human creation and invention are purely based on human wills and it is very rough and harsh towards the natural world we live in. Part of the reason is our poor knowledge about nature and its systems. How can we invent new elements that harmony with nature? The next design hide beneath the undiscovered and undisclosed phenomenon, structures and patterns in biological species that we human barely pay attention to.  These elements might shine the light on the purpose and the logic of nature“ design”.

How to generate new knowledge and insights, new patterns through observation, discovery and exploration of the natural species and elements surround us? If we figure out the secret code of the natural species or phenomenon, can we redesign it?

This workshop encourages participants to dive into these sophisticated engineering, phenomenon, mathematics patterns appear in the natural world they know and discovered. It could be biological species but also could include physical world pattern and phenomenon such as sound waves, nebula, ocean waves, rainbow, fossils…etc. By analyze the reason, cause of its shape, hidden stories beneath its appearance in a micro and macro scale in time and space, reinterpret and understand the language, students will be invited to experiment their own chosen example that could inspire them to invent a new poetic or practical device for a distant future scenario. By adding impactful events such as temperature raising, population and resources, food chain and predators, industrial expansion into the mix, participants will imagine, visualizing and transform their inspiration into a new tangible form, redesigning the next nature. At the end of the workshop, participants are expected to represent their new discovery and inventions through visual and physical objects with futuristic narratives.

The role of every participant of this workshop will be pointed at the designer of future hybrid-species or poetic engineer that provide inspirational material for biotech and other scientific development in the future.  


Li Yu is a speculative designer, creative technologist and interdisciplinary researcher. Her researches the burgeoning area of advanced science and technology and speculative design. She uses design as a method of investigation, experimenting with emerging technologies and its possible implementation. Her works translate thoughts experiments and fictional narratives into tangible forms, ignite discussion on our current society and its future. She collaborate with scientists and engineers from different countries and disciplines.