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Diddley Bow 是一種單弦的樂器,它的來源在於美國的藍調音樂。由於它的構造相當簡單,大多數的Diddley



工作坊將與學員們一同製作Diddley Bow,然後一起練習演奏。其材料來源最好可以是以回收的,例如不要的木料,壞掉樂器零件等等。






Title for Group F: Diddley Bow

Short description for Group F:

Diddley Bow is a single string instrument, with its origin rooted in early Blues music. Due to its simple construction, they are largely home made.  And because of this, there is a vast variety of designs and implementation that can easily be found.

Its basic principle is fixing a metal wire over a solid structure, in which is able to hold enough tension for the wire to sound when plugged. Different structural material and wire tension would contributes to the tonal variation of the results. It can be played by

picking, hit with a stick, or even bowed.

The aim of the workshop therefore is to produce Diddley Bow, using as much as recycled material as possible. Abandoned timber, broken instruments and other household objects are usually a good place to start . We will then rehearse with the instruments we made and play music together!



Chun Lee is a freelance artists fascinated in sound and shapes. He aims to realize his art practices in mundane routines of daily life, and through work. Chun Lee currently lives in London, other than the continuous interests in Free software, he also spent time learning film photography and darkroom printing.