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看來我們距離 Sci-fi 的世界除了 2001 之外,2019 是個關鍵詞。不管是《阿基拉》的島鐵雄,還是《銀翼殺手》的殺手們,半人半機的生命體在介面都充滿無限想像。工作坊 “AKIRA” 以阿基拉的超常神秘力量作為藍圖,思考人機介面的可能,用 low-fi 方法把身體成為操作介面,但創造的不是武器,而是樂器。工作坊將使用由Dimension Plus 開發、以Arduino為基礎的 STEAM 套件- 一套方便入門者/藝術家/設計師創作電子藝術的套件。



新媒體藝術家,新媒體創作團隊 Dimension Plus 共同創辦人及藝術總監 及 藝文空間 openground 創辦人。
現任廣州美術學院客席副教授,曾任教香港城市大學創意媒體學院、香港知專設計學院校外顧問,及擔任多家香港本地大學客席講師。作品於多個國際藝術節中獲獎及展出,包括 PRIX Ars Electronica、日本文化廳媒體藝術祭、FILE、404 Festival、ISEA 、威尼斯建築雙年展 等。


Title for Group D: AKIRA

Short description for Group D:

“The year 2019 saw Japan being plagued by political corruption and crime and even more turbulent was the reconstructed ‘New Tokyo’.” — Akira

“In Los Angeles, November 2019, a retired police officer Rick Dyke is intercepted by a government official Goff and taken to see the old chief Brian. As a ‘blade runner’, Dyke’s job is to hunt down the cyborgs and ‘decommission’ them.” — The Blade Runner

Other than “2001”, “2019” is a keyword when it comes to describing the distance between now and the sci-fi world.

Be it Tetsuo Shima in Akira, or the killers in the Blade Runner, the interface with half-human and half-machine lives has always been full of imagination.The workshop “AKIRA” uses Akira‘s superhuman abilities as a blueprint to explore the possibilities of the human-machine interface. Participants will be using low-fi music to turn their bodies into operating interfaces, but they will not be creating weapons but musical instruments. 

The workshop will use Arduino-based STEAM set developed by Dimension Plus. It is a set especially designed for beginners/artists/designers to create digital art.

Heavy is near. Come play with us!


New Media Artist, Co-founder and Artistic Director of New Media Creative Team Dimension Plus, Founder of openground.  Visiting Associate Professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, taught at the School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong, External Examiner of Hong Kong Design Institute and visiting lecturer in various of local universities. His works has been awarded and exhibited in numerous of international festival including PRIX Ars Electronica, Japan Media Arts Festival, FILE, 404 Festival, ISEA, etc.