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在《索拉力星》(Solaris)書中,作家史坦尼斯勞.萊姆(Stanislaw Lem)主張科學無法幫人類理解異形或與之交流,因為異形的運作方式遠超出人類經驗和可理解的範圍。 後科幻小說將以史呶特博士(Dr. Snaut)在書中諫言為出發點:「我們不需要其他世界。 我們要的是鏡子」,進而探索台北當地的地質,並反映其對人類心靈有何超脫世俗的影響。


喬納森·坎普(Jonathan Kemp)針對地質學、技術和心理如何相互覆蓋/覆寫或異軌,進行實用和美學的研究,目前主要研究地球、身體/心靈、科技的共同構成;地球對地球的信號系統;基材的擴大研究;以及對「生態思想」過程、程序框架的探索。

Title for Group B: Solaris

Short description for Group B:

In Solaris, the writer Stanislaw Lem describes how science is ill-equipped in allowing humans to understand or communicate with anomalous beings because they operate well outside of human experience and cognition. For Post Science Fiction we will take the remonstration made in the novel by Dr Snaut that that ‘We don’t need other worlds. We need mirrors’ as a point of departure to explore Taipei’s local geology and mirror some of its other-worldly impacts on our human psyche.


Jonathan Kemp makes practical and aesthetic investigations into how geology, technology and psyche under/overwrite or détourn each other. Current work invests in co-constitutions of earth, body/psyche and technology; earth-to-earth signalling systems; expanded studies of substrate materials; as well as explorations in process, procedure and the framing of ‘the ecological thought’.