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A組標題:時空膠囊 – 跨越時光的通訊






多摩是來自芬蘭凱米(Kemiö)的設計師、企業家和藝術家,身兼多職的他除了接受設計委託,還從事文化產製和實驗原型製作。 歷經二十年的互動媒體藝術和數字設計工作後,他轉而投入互聯世界的趣味性互動,並實踐開放式硬體和社群共創(DIWO)的理想。


Title for Group A: Time Capsules – concepts for cross-eon communication

Short description for Group A:

How to send messages to the future? What messages should or should not be sent? Is someone trying to send us messages from the past but we are not listening? Some attempts have been made to send warning messages of our nuclear waste 100.000 years to the future but the task seem to be impossible.

In this workshop, we take more playful approach and try to map various scenarios for knowledge transfer over different timespans, from 10 seconds to 10 million years – distilled bits of our culture, maybe poems, maybe self-executable code, maybe recipies of our food, maybe rules of our games.


Tuomo is a designer, entrepreneur and an artist from Kemiö, Finland. He shares his time between design commissions, cultural productions, and experimental prototyping. After twenty years of work with interactive media art and digital design he has focused his work on playful interaction in connected world, embracing the ideological framework of Open Hardware and Do-It-With-Others practices.